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Our Full Body Sensual Massage Therapy offers you sublime benefits to your whole body, mind and spirit... all inspired by your own gratifying pleasure.  

Men have a lot of pressure to perform, provide, and accomplish. Tantra Massage is totally without goals. 

In Tantra Massage the man is totally receptive. The Tantra Massage is a full body sensual massage to tune you inward and focus the mind while engaging the pleasure receptors in the body and deepening your awareness.  

Once the body is massaged and relaxed, the spirit is nurtured and awakened, the focus is on the first and second chakras, the area of the male g-spot or prostate gland which is known to be the energetic access point for the energy which leads to enlightenment. A gentle technique is used for contacting these subtle places with increased receptivity. Expert stimulation, eye contact, and conscious focus are used to heal trauma or clear any old or negative imprinting on the sub conscious.



Every person's experience with Tantra Massage is different. Some people experience full body orgasm, others have a deep emotional release (tears, laughter, screams) followed by immense pleasure. Most people have powerful dreams for some nights after; the important thing is that you will be given a safe environment to feel and express whatever needs to come up, and a devoted healer to guide and support you. It's a loving, spiritual experience that will be transformative and unforgettable.




 Tantric Lingham Massage with Internal Prostate  ..30min or 60min

 Prostate massage, when performed on a regular basis, can be used as a preventative treatment against prostate cancer. It is good for prostate health in general, and can help decrease the risk of prostate enlargement--that is, benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH). 

(Please note for this proceedure protective gloves will be worn)

Will there be any sexual exchange during the massage?
To avoid misunderstandings, we place emphasis on the fact that our services are massage services only - they do not include sexual services. Our guests only play a passive role. On the other hand, we are aware that our massage is a sensual and erotic experience, and that life energy is strongly connected to sexual energies.
During resting time, the Chi-energy is bounded in the sex-chacra, the massage stimulates this energy, bundles it and distributes it throughout the body.
We invite you to try something completely new!